Prioritizing Your Internet Based & Mom Life

from Alice Seba 

An online business is an amazing blessing for moms…they get to earn an income, feel a sense of personal accomplishment and [insert a reason for running an online business] – all from the comfort of their own home.

Prior to the Internet, not many true home businesses existed. Think about it. The Tupperware lady had to go out and do home parties. The at-home accountant usually had to get out to try to find clients, visit client offices, etc. Now don’t get me wrong. It’s not a bad thing to get out and about, but with a family to care for, it isn’t always easy to get out for business purposes.

So in comes this great virtual universe called the Internet where all selling can be done online, new clients can be found, partnerships can be made and projects can be delivered. That means setting your own schedule and building your business – even if your home is a complete zoo. On the Internet…nobody cares or even knows. :-)

But there is a downside:

The Internet has so many opportunities, it can become overwhelming. Everything from business opportunities, to promotion and networking events. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and feel like you’re missing out something.

Well, get over it (I’ve been there…I know it’s tough to “get over it”, but you’ll get there). You are only one (GREAT) person and I assume that your family is THE reason you’re doing this online gig anyway. Make them the priority. Be sure in your decisions and always keep your priorities in mind.

That business opportunity can be explored at another time…focus on what you’re doing right now and do it well.

Passing up on that joint venture isn’t going to crush your business.

Missing that seminar or convention isn’t likely to hurt one tiny bit (if you can get past that longing feeling).

Of course, I’m not suggesting you let opportunities that you should take pass you by. I’m just saying we all need to stop worrying about how green the grass is on the other side. If we tend our own lawns and stay focused on our ultimate goals…we’ll find all the green (pun INTENDED) we’re looking for.

Here’s a very brief conversation I recently had with a Twitter friend (I just love the brevity of Twitter!). Melanie posted to all her followers:

To which I replied (yeah, butting my nose in…can’t help it. :-) ):

And then Melanie said:

I think she’ll be all right. It’s just like with everything in our busy mama lives. We’ve got to learn to say no…and we can’t feel guilty about it. We gotta do what’s right for us. Period.

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