Put Bounce into Your Revenue with Spring Strategies

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With the hot summer months and vacations ahead, it can be easy to feel a little distracted during these sweet Spring days. Yet during this quarter, as with every quarter it remains important for us to hit our marketing and revenue goals.

So as much as spring fever, gardening, soccer games and surfing the web for affordable vacation ideas can be okay in moderation. Too much of these kinds of activities, however, can throw you off of your business marketing plan.

On top of these distractions, there are also so many new marketing opportunities and strategies to help small business owners like us, that it can feel somewhat overwhelming. Feeling overwhelmed can sometimes lead to inaction.

We all know inaction is not an option so let’s look at a few major aspects of your business marketing strategy to help determine how best to break down work into bite sized chunks of activities that actually get done and not deferred.

Social Media

Social media networks like Twitter and Facebook make the news everyday. If you’re in business online, you really can’t afford to ignore social media. If you’re unfamiliar with social media networks, not to worry we have a new tutorial on Internet Based Moms you can access here.

Rule of thumb: choose the networks where you’ll find the largest audience in your target group. Don’t choose too many social media networks and tools. Remember social media is only good for your business if you control it. Don’t let it eat into all aspects of your work-day. For example, let’s say your selection of effective social media networks for your business includes Internet Based Moms, Twitter and Facebook. Dedicate a set amount of time to those venues and monitor your activities so that you’re either learning, networking or promoting at all times.


If you have a blog on your business website or you have a separate blog that supports your marketing goals, make sure to blog frequently. Blogging helps to promote your business to a wider audience and gives you an opportunity to express your opinions and expertise.

It won’t always be enough to think about blogging frequently. Blogging is one of those tasks that can be so easily deferred during a busy day. The thought of having to come up with a topic is often all it takes to put off blogging all together.

Instead, it might be more effective to set up in advance a schedule of topics and ideas that you can use to help you blog every day or at least 3 times a week. The more you blog the more successful you will be at establishing yourself as an expert in your field and at establishing higher placement in search engine results.


Have you noticed how many more online conferences and webinars there are today? Do you know that these events offer great and often affordable advertising opportunities?

As a conference sponsor or advertiser you get a captive audience that has chosen to attend this event. That’s an ideal environment to either promote your product/service in a static ad or live sponsor demonstration or presentation (if offered by the conference producer).

Research conferences that reach out to your target group and ask about sponsorship/advertising opportunities. If you’ve earmarked dollars for promotions and advertising, here’s a great way to spend it.

Start focusing on social media networking, blogging and advertising over the next little while and see if that helps you to get a better handle on your marketing strategy during this lovely time of year.

To your success,

Mila Sidman

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