Put Yourself On Your *To Do* List

from Aurelia Williams 

Hi there moms!

As you know, life can be hectic. Whether you work at home, work outside of the home or stay at home, life is filled with things to do, people to see and places to go.

We all know that life places many demands on us but it is very important to set aside some time each day where when you can just be alone for a little while, without any interruptions and just focus on you. Be sure that when you are creating your daily or weekly To Do lists that you are adding yourself onto the list.

Personally I use the evening times (right after I put my 8yo son to bed) as my quiet time with myself. I make sure that during my “me time” I am focusing on myself and giving me the time that I need to replenish my mind, body and spirit.

So, if you currently do set aside time for yourself – I’d love to hear what you do. If you dont currently add yourself to your To Do list – I would like to challenge you to do so and let us know how it feels.

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