Secrets To Selling HOT Halloween Costumes

from Jenni Hunt 

Sherah Taylor with has just released a new ebook that outlines the entire process for selling costumes on eBay. (Sherah – if you are reading this… I am SO jealous that you came up with this idea first! ;-) But, She should know – check out this auction Sherah just ran last week:
It sold for over $120 – and I think she said she picked it up for $10 at her local consignment shop a few days prior – That’s over $100 PROFIT!

Anyhow, Sherah spills the beans on how she works her magic with costume auctions – if you sell costumes… this is a must have! One of the great things about selling costumes is that you can buy them from thrift shops and consignment stores – and list them right away… instant profits! All you have to know is which costumes are the hot sellers and Sherah lists over 250 USED costumes that sell for $20-80+ on eBay this time of year in her ebook.

Plus, not only do you get the ebook – but, she is providing a list of the top 20 hot selling costumes weekly sent to your inbox!

Okay – here is the best part. Sherah is selling this ebook for $27… but, she is offering it to my readers for $19.97!

Remember… this is a short selling season – Halloween will be here before you know it. To make the most from costumes, you need to start listing them now… and I have to say, Sherah’s ebook is the best way to get you going.

To learn more visit:

But – WAIT – don’t buy it from that link or you will be paying too much.
Get the Secrets Of Hot Selling Halloween Costumes for $19.97 here:

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