Securely Share Logins With Your Team

from Lynette Chandler 

Last week, I wrote a quick post about 5 simple action steps you can do to minimize chances of your website being hacked. In one of these action items, I talked about using RoboForm. I figured it would be a good point to expand upon that here.

If you haven’t heard of RoboForm, it’s a software that helps store all your username and passwords securely. It also makes login a breeze because you just need to click one button. RoboForm will go to the website’s login page and attempt to login for you. Huge time saver.

Well besides the obvious benefit of this product, it is also an excellent tool to securely share logins with your team members. You see, it has this feature that allows you to email a Passcard to anyone.

A Passcard is just the fancy name RoboForum uses to describe the file that contains your username, password, login page URL and other information for each website. When you email a Passcard, you are asked to protect it with a password – something you can agree with your assistant ahead of time.

Emailing Logins via RoboForm

It then packages all that sensitive information, into an encrypted, password protected file, automatically attaches it to a new email. All you do is type your message and send. Your assistant will receive this attachment, double click it, enter the password and save it into her RoboForm.

This is good for many reasons.

  • You share sensitive information securely. Email is not secure. Too many people send their web site and other login info in plain text. You are exposing yourself unnecessarily.
  • It saves your assistant and other team members lots of time. No need for them to re-enter the information when they need to login. Or hunt up and down an already full email box for the right login details. The less time they spend doing something means savings for you.

If you haven’t tried it, I encourage you to grab the free trial download. If you do have it but your assistants don’t. Consider buying it for them. It could be part of your software usage agreement or you can simply gift it to them. That’s what I did last Christmas and you should too.

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