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from Jenni Hunt 

Can you believe Christmas is right around the corner? Every year it comes faster and faster – and although it is my favorite time of year… it always sneaks up on me. I love decorating and celebrating with my little ones – but, I have also come to look forward to one of the absolute hottest seasons on eBay! Many markets come to a stand still during the holiday months; however, on eBay… toys are hotter than ever!

This will be the 4th year I have published the Holiday Toy Selling Guide - and every year I am amazed at this incredible opportunity for sellers. Seriously – it blows me away. Most people are spending the holidays looking for toys for the little people in their life – and when the shelves run out in the stores… many turn to eBay. And why not? – it is one of the most visited sites in the world! The question is – are you going to get in on the action? :-)

The selling season is very short for toys during the holidays – it lasts maybe 8 weeks… but, it can be so profitable. .. and it isn’t just for established sellers either! A couple of weeks ago, I got an email from someone whose 14 year old daughter used my guide to make $1700 her first 2 weeks selling on eBay! And she was a new seller too. The opportunity is there… but nothing will come if you don’t act. If you have been sitting on the fence – thinking about selling on eBay – this is the time!

Here are a few pointers for getting started selling toys this holiday season…

1. Don’t be deceived by the recalls…
We have all heard about the recalls this year – and although it may scare some of the toy shoppers this season… I don’t think it means that people are going to be staying away from toys all together. Analysts are saying that toys are still going to be one of the biggest sellers this season – they just might shift from what was expected to be hot a few months ago.

2. Research what’s hot…
Because the season is short, there really isn’t time for trial and error. Pay attention to the media – and if you have kids in your life… pay attention to what they are interested in too. After you have a list of what you think may be the hottest sellers, spend some time researching on eBay to see how these toys are performing. Do this regularly – because what is not a hot seller this week… may be through the roof next.

3. Save your receipts…
and become very familiar with your stores’ return policies. Stores have cracked down with their return policies – so be sure you don’t have any surprises if you end up at their return counter trying to return something that didn’t sell.

4. Take advantage of lay away…
Unfortunately, many stores have drastically changed, or removed altogether, their lay away program; however, if you can take advantage of one – do. You can put items that you think will be hot on lay away and then once they are performing well – buy them and turn them around on eBay.

5. Don’t panic…
Some things will sell – others won’t… it is just a part of the game. The best thing you can do is minimize your risk by educating yourself. The shelves will empty at the stores Thanksgiving weekend- it is after that weekend that online sales seem to skyrocket… so be patient :)

Remember – this really is a short selling season… if you are considering getting on board with selling toys this holiday – start researching NOW… you just might have all of your holiday expenses funded by your eBay profits. :)

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