Service with a Smile

from Elaine Gordon Evans 

Sometimes it is hard to smile in every situation, especially if you are having a difficult day. In involves consciencely taking the effort to put a smile on your face. By doing this, it automatically put a smile in your heart.

Changing your mood is as easy as changing your mind. You have to decide to be happy and not let anything or anybody get you down. If you are not approaching your workday with a happy, positive attitude, it will consequently effect your business.

Positiveness and Happy faces with a smile is infectious. You be the one to change the people around you. You become the thermostate rather than the thermomitor.

I have found that when you smile in the face of adversary conditons, that is truly a great service industry formular for success.

Why not try it next time someone is unhappy with the service work you have done. Be pleasant, smile, and offer whatever sensible solutions that will remedy the situation.

Also, don’t forget to always smile for you and do something each day that is nice for youself. If you are not happy, it is really hard to convey that message of happiness to others.

Elaine Gordon Evans

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