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Here’s a new question in our mailbag.

Q: What are all the new gizmos on the blogs such as: RSS Feeds, Readers, Linked In,, you like this post please”digg it”,, myweb2, technorati, and how do you set these up on your sites or blogs and why are they important to have?

A: Hi there and thanks for sending this question in. Each one of these can be pretty big topics but I’ll do my best to condense it for you.

Technically speaking, blogs are simply a method of publishing content on the Internet. It is a whole lot easier to write your thoughts, publish an article or share information with a blog than it is using the more traditional methods of web publishing. The thing that makes blogs interesting and good for your business is how easy it is for you to reach out and connect with your prospects. It’s a great way to build relationship, get feedback, share about
your product in a less aggressive setting. If you’re new to the concept of using a blog in your business, I invite you to check out BloggingStarterPack.

RSS is a different technology even though it is often connected with blogs because almost all blogs have a feed. An RSS feed is a page (or file) that is continually updated as you update your website. When someone subscribes to the feed, with a feed reader, they get notified. So it’s a great way to get people to come back to your website, blog or at the very least stay tuned to you. But RSS can be used to share content between
two websites or used to syndicate headlines from one site to another as well. For a more thorough explanation, I have written a short report called RSS Basics and you can get that when you signup for my Marketing Technology Advisory newsletter., Digg, Reddit, myweb2 are often known as social bookmarking sites. Basically they are like the Favorites you save on your browser but the biggest difference is the shareable nature. That means every time you book mark a website or a page to these sites, you are also sharing that bookmark with other people. The more people find that page/website interesting and bookmark them individually, the more popular that page/website is. So really, every time someone bookmarks or ‘diggs’ a site by thumbing up
or down that’s like voting for the quality of the site/page.

When you put all these thing together, it’s all about getting traffic. Blogs and RSS are more slow paced but long term traffic and social bookmark sites can bring you lots of traffic and fast. From minutes to a just a few hours.

To set them up on your blog or website depends what you are using. If you are using WordPress, you can use plugins like ShareThis. Some bookmarking sites also have ready made buttons so you can pick them up and paste into your website.

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