Sometimes I Wish I Didn't Have A Blog

from Lynette Chandler 

It’s true. Yes, it is kinda shocking since I have been helping people build their blogs since 2005 and continue to do so.

When blogging started, it was a good idea to bring to people to your site and create an openly communicate with your potential customers and customers alike and it still very much so. That really hasn’t changed. But at the same time, conversations happen everywhere and some blogs will have better traction with a particular audience than yours. So guest blogging becomes quite important too. What better way to reach out to the right group of people for little or no money and build credibility. Plus, you don’t have the added responsibility of creating content every week to keep the blog going and also promoting it.

In that sense, I can say sometimes I wish I had more time to produce quality guest posts on others’ blogs like I’m doing here.

If you want to start being a guest blogger, it’s easy. Scope out the blogs that have a decent following so that it is worth your while contributing to. Make sure they are relevant to your own target audience, prepare a few good blog posts that will resonate with the audience. Then make contact with the blog owner. Pitch the post to them. It doesn’t cost you but a few minutes of time and the worst people can say is no.

You can also come on over to BlogEnergizer. Our premium members are always free to list their guest blogger availability and we’ll help to get the word out to bring bloggers to you.

Meanwhile, am I giving up my blog? Nope. Because ultimately, I need someplace to point someone back to and while it’s OK to point people to a site filled with products, it’s even better to point people to more relevant content they can sink into and channel people to subscribe to my newsletter. It still has it’s place.

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