Stop Depending on Selling To Make Money On eBay!

from Jenni Hunt 

Okay… coming from someone who teaches that eBay is a great source of income – what’s up with a post that says ‘Stop Depending On Selling To Make Money’?…

I still think eBay is an incredible resource for making nice profits on eBay… but, there are many ways to do this. Most people who consider eBay as a business they can run from home – they are thinking the money will be made by selling items through eBay’s listings or through an eBay store… and there are PLENTY of people who do so – they sell thousands of dollars worth of inventory a month and have created a nice living for themselves. There are a few, however, (and the number is growing daily) who have learned to USE eBay to drive traffic to other forms of income.

If you can get out of your mind that all of your money will be made selling on eBay, then your eyes will be exposed to a whole new world of growing your business. I’ve heard many work at home moms discuss the value of building a squidoo lens… or being a part of Facebook – or the like; however, not many consider eBay in a similar fashion.

eBay is one of the top visited sites in the world… why not learn to take advantage of that traffic? There is a transformation in your thinking when you start focusing on using eBay to generate traffic to your online business… you start looking at it as a marketing tool instead of as the main source of income. This can be a very powerful thinking pattern – and if applied properly, can be very lucrative. Here are a couple of suggestions for doing so:

  1. Put in place a follow up system for your current customers. It is proven that it is easier to make a sale to a previous customer than to find a new customer – yet, many sellers do not follow up with their customers for return sales. Better yet, build a website with items that are like what you are selling on eBay and promote that store in your follow up (pulling the traffic from eBay). If the goal is to drive people to your website store outside of eBay, you can limit the items you are selling and reduce your listing fees.

  2. Capture email addresses and build a list of leads from visitors to your listings. eBay has a very strict policy for what can and cannot be mentioned on an auction listing. You can’t blatantly promote your website or business on your auction listing; however, there are techniques you can use that can get you the same result. For example, you are allowed to point visitors to your About Me page – and the rules for what can be included on an About Me page are much more relaxed. You can point to your website from your About Me page… or better yet, offer a free report in exchange of an email address to build your list right there on your About Me page.

  3. Let’s build on the free report idea… Offer a free report or membership on your About Me page that your customers would be interested in. Consider the niche you are selling in… if you are selling antiques on eBay – what kind of information would your customers or visitors be interested in learning about? Maybe how to care for antiques… or how to identify antiques. If you are selling children’s items – consider what kind of information your customers would be interested in knowing… maybe tips for new moms… or how to juggle being a new mom with the rest of your life… you get the idea. If you don’t have the expertise to write a short report – you can search google and find all sorts of free reports you can give away.

  4. Learn how to use classified ads on eBay. Most sellers don’t even know what classified ads are… yet, it looks like they are turning out to be a cool tool for lead generation. You can actually include a link to your website or phone number right in the ad – and what is really cool is that they show up in search results right along side the auction listings.

I’ve built my business on some of these techniques and know many, many others who have as well. In fact, Jim Cockrum is the expert when it comes to learning how to creatively use eBays traffic to build profits. If you are interested in learning more about how to use eBay to build your business and not be dependent on selling item after item, I highly recommend signing up for his free newsletter at I also couldn’t say enough about his top selling ebook, The Silent Sales Machine On eBay – where he outlines exactly HOW to build a business using eBay as a traffic generator. His book is full of ideas to motivate and get those wheels turning. I bought it in 2003 and have read it many times since. You can learn more about the ebook here: – this book is the real deal!

 It’s your turn… Let’s brainstorm a bit…

What are you selling? How can you use eBay to drive traffic to your business?

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