Stop the Chaos Moms!

from Alice Seba 

As moms, many of us are already overwhelmed, but throw in a business and you’ve got twice (sometimes 10 times) the chaos. As a mom who runs a business, I’ve definitely been there, done that and as I’m sure many of you know, it’s NO fun.

I remember becoming very unpopular a while back when I was still making my living as a copywriter. You see I wrote a sales letter that suggested that work at home moms had it harder than those who work outside of the home. Needless to say, I hit a few nerves with that one. I didn??????t mean it to necessarily make us WAHMs sound more worthy than WOHMs (work out home moms) or to put those moms who work away from the home down, but it just goes to show that everyone has different opinions on things.

But between me and you, mixing home and business IS tough. It??????s one thing to be able to leave home at home and work at work. Something about walking out of one door and into another seems to make it so much easier. When your work is at home, be it in a separate room or right smack dab in the middle of your child??????s play haven, there is no separation between the two.

That??????s why I tackled the subject of work at home mom chaos head on and have some easy-to-apply suggestions to make the life of a WAHM easier for us. If you haven??????t already, check out my 10 Tips for Abandoning the Chaos of an Internet Based Mom.

The guide has been available at Internet Based Moms from some time now, but wanted to draw your attention to it. Even if you??????ve read it in the past, it couldn??????t hurt to have a refresher because we all know that it??????s easy to get right back into a chaotic routine.

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