Success Story: A Direct Seller Makes Herself An Expert

from Sarah Robinson 

I could not be more excited to share this success story with you!

Last month at a live workshop, I talked about a strategy that will set any direct seller apart in a loud, crowded marketplace. That strategy is positioning yourself as an expert. Here are a couple of ways to do that:

1) Put together a 30 minute presentation about what you help your prospects do. For example, you might help them turn their home into a sanctuary (with fabulous decorating products), or you may help them prepare fast and healthy meals that gets the family to the table together (using great cookware).

2) Become an expert columnist for your local community paper – The Beauty Expert or The Scrapbooking Expert for example.

Now it is important to note that you can’t overtly sell your products in either of these scenarios. You talk about your expertise and give tips and tactics that your audience can use no matter what products they have. BUT when you use visuals at your presentation or mention what you do in your author byline – that is the place to mention your company.

So – now to the success story. A member of the audience who heard me mention these strategies, went home and contacted her local paper and they fell all over themselves asking her to be the Beauty Columnist for a paper with a circulation of 9000!!!! Her first column will run today.

This stuff works – so I hope you will try it!

Love & Success

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