Take Inventory & Clean Out the Clutter

from Alice Seba 

With week 2 in full swing at Internet Marketing Spring Cleaning, I??m having a great time helping my students get focused and ditch the excess keeping them from growing their online business. The clean out has been so amazing that I thought I??d share a few ideas to help you do the same.

In order to really clear the confusion and focus on what is most profitable in your business, the first thing you must do is take stock of everything you currently have on your plate. Once you??ve done that you need to decide exactly what things are working and what things are best to be rid of. Here are just a few ideas of things to consider:

Mailing Lists & Newsletters
It??s easy to get sidetracked when you??re signed up for every guru under the sun??s list. Take some time and jot down all the lists you are currently subscribed to.

Domains & Websites
Many online business owners, have a bad habit of purchasing domain name after domain name. It??s ok??we??ve all done it at some point. It??s learning to deal with our obsessive-compulsive domain disorder that makes us better business women.

Once you have your inventory taken, it??s time to throw out all the excess stuff weighing down your business. Using the examples above here are some reasons to clean out your business storage room.

Once you??ve compiled a list of all the newsletters you are subscribed to – it??s time to go through and tell the ones that aren??t helping you reach your goals Adios! How many emails do you get from one particular list that you never even open? Is the list owner supplying you with valuable information that pertains to your market? Do you find you??ve outgrown a certain newsletter? What I mean by this is was it a list you signed up for in the beginning of your business venture that caters to the newbie in your field and now you??ve surpassed the knowledge you receive in those emails?

Let??s move on to those gazillion domain names and websites. Each domain name purchase starts with good intentions, but how often have you acquired a domain name and then done nothing with it? Whether you are lacking time to get a website up and going or it doesn??t fit into your plans now like you originally planned, it??s time to let it go.

Of course Spring Cleaning is all about getting down and dirty and deep cleaning house, but these few things should help you get started and on the right foot. As you move along with these tips you??ll find other areas of your business that need a thorough cleaning, but don??t start on other areas until you have these completed.

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