Taking Credit Cards Without A Merchant Account

from Lynette Chandler 

Mila recently asked me about accepting credit cards for her products without signing up for a merchant account. As she found out quickly this can be a confusing process. If you think that too, don’t feel bad at all. When I started out online it was like this huge dark thing that I could never decipher.

Credit cards are a little outside my realm but I know enough about it to make my business work and will gladly share what I know.

For Mila, she knew one of her options is PayPal but these days, PayPal has several offerings. There’s Website Payment Standard and Website Payments Pro . What do all of them do?

  1. Website Payment Standard, is the one that almost everyone has. You know, the one that you can send payments by email, create a payment or add to cart button. The basic, regular, plain vanilla PayPal if you wish.

    You can take credit cards through Website Payment Standard, but users will automatically be signed up for an account (which they can close) when they checkout or use an existing PayPal account.

  2. Website Payment Pro is more advanced, but implementing it may not be as easy as the standard because you may need special technical setup OR your shopping cart has to support this. On top of that, your website has to meet certain safety standards. In case you wanted to ask, let me answer you now – No, Wahmcart cannot accept Website Payment Pro at this time.

    But why use it Website Payment Pro? Because it works more like a regular merchant account in the sense your customers stay on your site, and it looks like you do have a merchant account. Plus, you can process credit card orders in person, by mail, cellphone or online. So all that is pretty sweet.

So that’s it for Paypal. What if you want other choices? Here are some services you can try.

  • Clickbank
  • 2Checkout
  • ccBill

Keep in mind, that anytime  you process credit cards through a service like the above, you are in fact using their merchant account and the fees will be higher than regular merchant account fees. As scary as a merchant account may sound it’s not as expensive as you may think it is to operate.

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