Taking Time Off During the Holidays

from Alice Seba 

Sometimes I see moms hang ??Closed?? signs on their websites, but closing down shop during the holidays, or at other times, can mean a lot of missed sales and the potential loss of a lifetime customer.

As online business owners, we??re conducting business in a virtual 24/7 world. People expect things to run constantly and if an online business is shut down buyers will go elsewhere. Unlike many brick and mortar businesses, they have a choice and don??t need to wait for a site to re-open in order to get what they need.

Obviously, we can??t be in front of our computers from sun up to sun down every single day of the year. Not to mention, we deserve to have and enjoy time off every now and again, but how can we do that without closing?

Here are a few ideas to help keep business going and still afford to take time off for the holidays

  1. Outsource
    Whether it??s customer service emails, hiring a student to mail packages or a writer to help write and post articles and blog posts, consider outsourcing tasks that will allow you to take a breather and keep business running as usual.
  2. Use Your Autoresponder
    Plan your newsletters and promotions in advance. Write them and load them into your autoresponders so they go out on the dates and times you need them to.
  3. Shopping Carts
    Be sure your shopping cart is set up and functioning properly. If you don??t have the buying process automated with a shopping cart yet??Get one and put it to work.
  4. Create Digital Products
    Making your products immediately available to your customers after purchase is a great way to give them what they need without you having to be there to give it to them. If possible, create information products in your business.

Being able to conduct business even when we aren??t physically present is one of the biggest benefits of being an online business owner. Take advantage of that ability by planning ahead and automating as much as you can. Then you can fully enjoy your time off.

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