The Bullseye for Your Direct Sales Business

from Sarah Robinson 

I was leading a call for a group of direct selling leaders and we were talking about designing the target for your direct sales business this year.  These leaders wanted so many things for their business that they didn’t really know how to aim their efforts in an effective way.

If this sounds like you, I would like to offer up the idea of choosing your “bullseye”.  What one singular thing do you want most of all for your business?

-Do you want a particular honor or prize?

-Do you want to sell a particular dollar amount?

-Do you want to rise to a particular rank?

-Do you want a specific paycheck from your business?

It is important to make your bullseye extremely narrow and specific – just like on a target.  This way, you know exactly where and how to focus the majority of your efforts.  If a choice has to be made or an opportunity comes your way, ask yourself – “Does this bring me closer to my bullseye?” 

And here is the thing about a bullseye – there is only one.  Granted there are lots of other circles around the bullseye – but there is only one white circle in the middle of the target.  It is small and it is specific.  The more tightly focused your bullseye is, the better your aim and more fruitful your efforts will be.

We will be talking about bullseyes and strategies to help you hit your mark on a complimentary call I am leading called “Make the Most of Your Convention Experience” On July 22 at 1:30 pm EST.  You can register for this call (and receive a downloadable recording) by going here:

I so hope you will join us!

Love & Success-


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