The Challenge of Recruiting in Direct Sales

from Sarah Robinson 

Recruiting is down.  I hear it across the industry. I also hear everyone scrambling to explain why.  They are focusing on the wrong thing.

We can spend lots of time trying to diagnose why OR we can examine our recruiting tactics, sharpen them and move forward.

Which sounds like the bigger help to your business? Right.  I thought so! So let’s look at a 4-step process to re-focus your recruting strategies.

1) Who are you recruiting?  Anyone who breathes?  That might be your first mistake.  Take a look at your team.  Who do you naturally attract?  What kind of person do you work with most easily to build success?  Write out a description of EXACTLY who you are looking for (some of my clients even name their perfect prospect).  Yes I am asking you to be selective – extremely selective.

2) Once you’ve defined your very specific prospect, pull out all the material on your business opportunity.  Now divide a piece of paper into two columns.  On the left side, write down all the challenges you can think of that your specific prospect might experience (lack of time with children, for example, or lack of career growth in current job).  Once you make that list, move to the right-hand column and come up with a specific way your business opportunity might solve that challenge.  Yes, I am again asking you to be specific:)

3) When you are out and about at your shows, classes, networking events, etc., ask my favorite question “So, what’s your biggest challenge these days?” – stop talking and listen, listen, listen to what they tell you.  Do not, I repeat do not, jump in the first time they draw breathe – let them talk and talk and talk.  Your job at this point is to gather important information – that is all.

4) Using your two columns of information and the challenges your conversation partner just laid out, you can help them solve their biggest problems with YOUR products and services.  Now don’t throw up on them.  Ask for permission to share some things that MIGHT help.  Then share just a couple of things from your list.  Stop. Wait and see if they move toward you.  If they do, great, continue the conversation.  If they don’t, change the subject so you don’t seem pushy.

This is by no means a fool-proof formula and I am not guaranteeing that it will rack up recruiting awards for you.

I am promising that you will appear more professional and more interested in the other person’s needs by using this approach.  You will also position yourself as someone who is more interested in others than in “pushing” your business opportunity. 

I can also promise you that this approach will set you apart in the loud crowded marketplace of recruiting in direct sales/network marketing – and that is something you can be proud of!

Love & Success!

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