The Importance of Following Up

from Alice Seba 

Whether you run a service based business or not, follow up with your potential and past clients is extremely important. Not only can it be a key to future business, but it??s something that many businesses fail to utilize to their advantage and therefore by doing so, you put yourself above many of your competitors.

I??m sure everyone has heard the term ??lifetime customer?? at some point in our business venture, but how many of us really grasp the concept of what a lifetime customer can do for us? Beyond the fact that they buy from you multiple times, a lifetime customer can also bring you the following:

  • Great Testimonials
  • New Ideas to Grow Your Business
  • Future Customers

With the potential of those few things and more, we should all be striving to create lifetime customers in our business. Without a quality follow up how can we expect our customers to remember us, let alone help us grow and prosper in our business? Here are some ideas for following up with your customers in a way that gets results.

  • Set up a newsletter or list.
  • Offer them customer only deals on future products or services.
  • Give them a discount for referring new customers.
  • Ask for feedback on the products or services they purchased.

Following up with your customers does not mean shoving yourself or your business down their throat to the point they get tired of you. How you conduct your follow up is just as important as doing it.

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