The Mail File: Selling Women's Clothing…

from Jenni Hunt 

Mara asked: “Is there a secret to selling women’s clothes? Or would these tips work for those, as well?”

My focus is really on the children’s market – but there are certainly tips that can apply across the board. Most of the listing tips I discuss can be applied to any market. Having an about me page that speaks to your audience… including keywords in your title – those are things that any seller will want to apply to their listings.

The main thing to look for is timing of seasons… children’s items (especially clothing) have a very high selling season – and a very low period as well. In fact, the summer months – I call it eBay ‘dead time’ for that market. May-June are a great time to buy children’s clothing on eBay! Women’s clothing, however, don’t have those swings… The main reason is because most women are not outgrowing their clothes every season – so they aren’t in the market for an entirely new wardrobe before school starts.

From what I have seen of adult clothing – they seem to sell more in the season… although it is a bit late – you could probably list some summer adult clothing right now and do alright with it. Children’s clothing, on the other hand – it is all about Back To school and Fall items.

The other thing to watch for is brands – remember, it really doesn’t matter how *cute* something is… you don’t have the benefit of a customer looking at your item in person. Instead, you need to be sure you are listing items that are in demand – and that usually means higher end brands. Here is a short list of women’s clothing items that sell well:

  • high end brands (Gap, Tommy Hilfiger, St. John, etc.)
  • maternity clothing
  • plus size clothing
  • coats and jackets (especially Columbia, LL Bean, etc.)
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