The Power of Print – Adding Magazine and Newspaper Articles to Your Marketing Strategy

from Annette 

Internet marketers spend a good amount of their marketing strategy focused on web based content.  For good reason, their audience is online, it increases page ranking and provides website traffic and value to customers and prospects.  These are all both necessary and beneficial.

That being said there is tremendous power in print. Print, whether it is a national trade magazine or a local newsletter, opens your business up to a whole new audience and boosts your credibility.

Here are a few things to consider when integrating print into your marketing strategy:

#1 Research appropriate publications.  Head to your local bookstore and peruse the magazine section.  Borders Books, for example, sells just about every magazine imaginable.  Pick up a few issues and read them front to back.  Get to know the voice and the type of stories the magazine publishes.  Check your local newspapers too, find the most appropriate section and spend some time reading the editor’s style.

#2  Prepare your pitch in advance.  Most publications require a query letter.  Your query is essentially your elevator pitch.  Demonstrate your article idea, the benefit of the article and your credentials.  Be prepared to wait.  Some magazines can take up to 6 weeks to get back to you.

#3  Plan ahead.  For most articles you’ll need several sources, images, and a resource section.  You’ll also need time to write it.  If you are not comfortable writing or don’t have time to get it done, consider hiring a ghostwriter but make sure they have experience writing for print.  Web content and print have very different writing "rules."  And each editor will have their own preferences.  For example one magazine may prohibit use of figurative language while the other may embrace it.

Print offers an abundance of benefits to a web based business.  If it isn’t part of your marketing strategy, consider adding it – one or two print articles annually boost business and open new doors of opportunity.

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