The Value of Apprenticeship

from Rhea Perry 

This past Thursday, we completed our Writing for the Web class and are already getting posts thanking us for the cool online education.

Now the folks who watched the Webinars and did their homework have started apprenticing with some web site owners to get some practical hands-on training.

The VA’s who took our Virtual Assistant class at the end of last year are now in their second phase of apprenticeship.

They all seem to be loving it!

Plus, they are learning so much from those they are serving.

People often ask me why I expect our students to be involved in an apprenticeship. They question its value and wonder if we are just trying to get some free work out of the newly-trained students.

That’s because this country has forgotten the concept of true education that results from apprenticing with a master or someone who is more knowledgeable about a topic.

In early America, that’s how most of the craftsmen were trained.

That’s the principle behind medical and legal internships.

Mentors can teach a wide variety of topics so don’t limit your scope when looking for great education.

In education, it’s very valuable to have access to someone who knows more about the subject than you do.

In fact, having a mentor cuts your learning curve by years because they can steer you away from the mistakes they’ve made.

So whenever you get the opportunity to participate in an apprenticeship, realize that the good you will get out of it way outweighs the amount of work you have to do for someone that is seemingly “free.”

The experience you get is one thing; but the contacts and association you make with the mentor is often way more valuable than the skill you learn.

Don’t forget, in business, it’s not what you know that counts, it’s who knows you!

So many books, so little time…


who thinks everyone should teach at least one class in their life and mentor one other person

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