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One of the most inspirational and motivating things for (and maybe for you too) is to learn from other successful moms in business. There’s something about discovering how other busy women with a houses full of kids can launch and run all these great businesses.

I recently came across Jarod Lam’s “Information Empire Blueprint: Build a Successful Information Business without Any Marketing, Writing or Technical Skills” and wanted to share it with you.

What’s really cool about this blueprint is that it’s based on the business of a stay-at-home mom who generates $330 million per year with her own information business. It’s a definite must-read and you can learn more at:

The report actually comes at no-charge when you sign up for an introductory month (only $1.97) of Jarod’s “Start Up Rebel Alliance”. As a member, you get access to two monthly interviews that provide further inspiration and solid strategy.

This month’s interviews happen to be with two moms that you may already know – Carrie Lauth and IBMoms’ formerowner, Alice Seba.

Carrie is the single mom of 4 and has built a successful online business all the while homeschooling all her kids. This girl’s got it together! Her interview includes tons of practical advice for all online entrepreneurs.

Alice (who recently became a mom of 3) has always been an inspiration to me and is an ideal business partner… I credit a large part of my success to her. Her interview covers great strategies for outsourcing, even if you’re on a budget.

To learn more about these learning tools and sign up for yours, go to:

It will not only give you some inspiration, but really solid ideas and strategies to act upon.


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