Three steps to a great "How To" article.

from Annette 

Ask any internet marketer what type of article works best and many will recommend the "How To" article. You know, the:

  • How to train your dog to stop jumping
  • How to set the perfect table
  • How to write a great article

and so on.

"How To" articles work very well because they offer an easily digestible benefit to the reader. However writing an easily digestible "how to" article can be difficult – they can get away from you faster than a wet cat.

Here’s an excellent three step process to make sure everything makes sense from beginning to end.

Step One: Tell them what you’re going to tell them

Step Two: Tell them

Step Three: Tell them what you told them – and why.

Let me explain!

Introduce your "how to" article with a brief paragraph which explains your topic, its importance or how the information benefits them, and what points you’re going to cover.

Use the body of the article to cover those points.

Wrap up the article summarizing the points you’ve made and remind your reader how they can apply what they’ve just learned to benefit their lives.

That’s it. A self contained recipe for a clear and concise "How to" article.

Happy writing!

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