Three Tips to Write Attention Grabbing Twitter Posts

from Annette 

Twitter is certainly a social networking tool on the rise. Seems everyone and their brother are tweeting. And yes, internet marketers are using this tool to market their websites. That being said, not all posts are effective for driving traffic to your website. Let’s take a look at a few tips for writing attention grabbing twitter posts:

1. Ask Questions. Tim Ferriss, author of the 4-Hour Workweek, measured and tracked several statistics as they relate to Twitter. Among many things, he found that “70% of the most-clicked Tweets are statements, but 4 of the 4 questions in the top 10 were opening questions.” Twitter is a social networking tool, emphasis on the social. This means people are there to get involved. Asking a question helps engage your reader immediately.

For example, “What’s your favorite writing tip?” This question could lead to a post about writing tips and/or a poll.

2. Arouse curiosity. Copywriters are taught from early on that the key to an attention grabbing headline is to appeal to the reader’s emotions. Due to the nature of Twitter, curiosity, is perhaps the single most effective emotion, though I’ve seen sex used several times quite successfully as well.

3. Provide value. A “How to” statement demonstrates value and let’s reader’s know immediately what you’re linking to. It can also arouse curiosity when framed correctly. For example, “How to know if you’re being lied to,” is a great example of a how to headline that also arouses curiosity.

When writing Twitter posts, write your content first and then play with the twitter post headline. They don’t have to be the same. Additionally, remember to keep your Twitter post to around 120 characters so you have room for the link. Finally, measure click through rates to see what your audience responds to. Twitter is a great tool and using it effectively can provide the business boost you’ve been looking for.

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