Tips for Defining Your Target Market

from Alice Seba 

Many moms love to follow their passions when it comes to starting their business. The result is often times a business they love for a while, but that leads to killing the original passion because no one buys. This can be frustrating to say the least. That??s why researching and pinpointing your target market is crucial and the earlier the better.

Target markets don??t have to be a tricky part of business, but without a bit of planning you just might end up starting a business that goes no where. Here are a few tips to help you identify your target customer – which is the hardest part of the battle. Once you know who you want to target it??s a lot easier to cater your ads and other marketing to those people who are ready, willing and able to buy.

Stop thinking like and trying to compete with the big dogs.

Places like target a general audience and let??s face it they have the capital to make their business profit this way. Moms just don??t have that kind of dough, but that doesn??t mean we can??t take our piece of the pie. By focusing on a tighter niche, we have the ability to make money even without having to cater to everybody on the planet.

Give your market a place to turn and tell others about.

If you focus on a specific customer base, you have the ability to give them your FULL attention. This will keep you from spreading yourself too thin and burning out. Find your ??perfect?? customer and focus on their wants and needs and become an expert in that area. You??ll find a first time customer will have a better chance of not only recommending you to others, but also remaining a life long customer because they trust that you are going to be there and know what you??re talking about.

Stand out among the competition in your market.

Narrowing down your target customer makes it easier to cater to their wants and needs, therefore making it a lot easier to separate yourself from the crowd of others trying to sell their numerous products and services to people of many interests.

Once you have your target market chosen, you??ll want to do some research to determine if in fact it will be a profitable one. One of those ways is with a keyword research tool and here??s a quick and easy to follow WordTracker tutorial to help you out.

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