Tired of Tips and How To Articles? Try the Problem/Solution Approach

from Annette 

Tips and How to Articles are successful formats because they are easily digested by any audience.  When you are able to distill a topic into a series of steps or offer advice with finely organized tips then you capture your audiences attention and offer them a quick benefit.

However if you’re writing articles for SEO and traffic generation purposes that means you’re writing a lot of content.  The result can often be stagnant copy.  Not fun for you or your audience.

Consider using the problem/solution approach to your next article series. It works like this:

An article on losing weight might approach the topic with the following problems and solutions:

  • Problem – Late in the day cravings and before bedtime snacks.
  • Solution – Find a high protein snack with a small amount of carbohydrates like a bowl of cereal.  If you’re exercising and building muscle this snack will actually help you metabolize slower.
  • Problem- No time for breakfast
  • Solution – Make time!  Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day.  A hard boiled egg or a protein shake will go a long way toward curbing cravings and maintaining blood sugar levels.

This approach with a very tightly focused theme will help you keep your content fresh, letting you and your audience look at things with new eyes.  It offers the same easily digestible benefits for your readers and is still simple to write.

Happy writing

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