Tired of "Writing" – Talk Your Content Instead

from Annette 

Being a bit of an adventure seeker, it occurred to me last year after a particularly rough fall on my snowboard, (we’re talking out of control wagon wheel tumbling down the snowy slope), that I needed a backup.  What would happen if I broke my arm, dislocated my shoulder, or snapped a wrist?  I’d be out of luck, right?

Rather than change my nature, I invested in a voice to text software program called Dragon Naturally Speaking.  This wonderful product actually works pretty well and while the learning curve is a bit more than many are willing to invest (you have to go through a long tutorial so it can learn your speech patterns and you have to learn the nuances of the software) I’m confident that if I am in fact injured, I can maintain my ability to create content for my clients without any downtime.

If you’re the type of person who feels very comfortable talking about your industry topic but find that writing doesn’t come as easy as you’d like it – consider giving it a try. The standard program is $99 and the preferred version starts at $199 and is compatible with a Bluetooth wireless headset. Additionally, you can use it to write email messages, and it works with both MS Word and WordPerfect in addition to a number of other software products.

If learning new software isn’t something you’re interested in then consider dictating your content and having a transcriptionist or virtual assistant transcribe it for you.  You can even have them edit it and submit it to article directories or upload it onto your website – all you have to do is talk.

Whether you’re creating content with a speech to text software program or dictating it for transcription remember to keep your content organized.  Each chapter or article will have a main point to make.  Each paragraph will have clear, active sentences which support your main point.  It’s difficult sometimes when speaking content to keep thoughts organized – consider making an outline to keep on track.  Once you’ve created your article, report, or book make sure to review it for spelling, grammar, and clarity.

Writing isn’t for everyone yet every internet marketer needs quality content to market their business. If writing isn’t for you, don’t give up – talk your content instead.

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