Top 3 Software In Your Business

from Lynette Chandler 

Have you ever stopped to think how lost you’d be in our business if you didn’t have a particular software or system? For online business owners, the top three software they find their business can’t live without is usually three of the following;

  • The email autoresponder system
  • The shopping cart
  • The website or blog publisher
  • The email reader
  • The browser (but of course)

Well those are fine and should be the cornerstone of any business who has an Internet arm. But what about other not so obvious systems? Here are my three.

Firefox plugins – So I cheat. They are not full fledge software but they help make my favorite browser totally my own and also speed up my work considerably. I have quite a few plugins installed. Here are a handful of key plugins that go on every Firefox installation I have are:
Firebug: I am so lost without this especially when working on websites and themes.
BBCode Extra: So helpful when posting to blog comments and forums.
Colorzilla: Oh so very useful when you don’t have the color code or want to mimic a site’s color.

RoboForm – every time I use my Mac (like now) I am so very lost without my RoboForm. There is an equivalent for the Mac but I am not on here that much. Not as much as on my PC and RoboForm spoilt me totally.

Mozy – if I don’t have my data, my business will be at a standstill. The loss would be phenomenal. They help make my backups up to date and easy.

What are your top three software or systems?

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