Turn Your 'To Do' List Into a 'Ta Da' List

from Aurelia Williams 

One of the most effective ways to ensure that you get your most important tasks done in an organized fashion is to make a GOOD ‘To Do’ list. Notice the work good in Caps (smile).

I find that post-it notes on the computer screens prove not very effective, and those little scraps of paper with scribbles on it that you can barely make out… well, those don’t work well either.

If you are a List maker try to make your To Do list efficient so that you are efficient. I encourage people to use any format that is comfortable for them. You can use a journal, a sheet of paper or a daily planner but make sure your list is on one page and can be carried with you if needed. Also, be sure to break down your large projects into specific tasks before writing them down on your immediate ‘To Do’ list.

Here are some quick To Do List Tips:

  • 1 – Make a list of the things you have to do tomorrow, the evening before (create the list when things are quiet).
  • 2 – Make sure your “To Do” List is realistic.
  • 3 – Prioritize and group each item in the order that it should be accomplished.
  • 4 – Combine similar tasks together.
  • 5 – Cross items off of your list as you complete them.Let me know if you use a ‘To Do’ list and if so, how is it working for you?   Do you need help with organizing a daily or weekly list to help get you organized?

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