Using Apps To Generate Viral Traffic

from Lynette Chandler 

Applications have been a long time fascination of mine, especially if they can be used to help marketing efforts. I’m not talking about creating sleazy, nasty-ware that infect people’s computer, hijack their browsers or spy on them that is just plain wrong.

Rather, I’m talking about useful or simply fun applications that people like and enjoy using. These are the ones that generally get passed along. So what can you build?

Games - since the beginning of computing and the Internet games are just plain popular because they are fun. Of course having a great game idea helps. If you’re just creating another clone of 8 ball that’s not interesting enough and won’t get you the viral traffic you’re hoping for. Come up with something unique or a new niched spin on a popular game.

Quizzes - Always fun. People love to know if they are compatible with their chosen career/spouse/life etc. They are also narcissistic and want to find out if they have a high IQ or not.

Calculators - some people may love math but if you can make it easy and save their time, they’d be happy to use it, bookmark it and refer people to it.

Timers, time trackers, calendars – we are a society obsessed with tracking time and productivity.

List creators, customized planners – everyone at some point looks for a better way to organize themselves.

That should be a good starter list for you to chew on. You can of course get real fancy and create social network apps, applications people log in to perform or track tasks, plugins and more. Those will require more technical skill or the ability to pay for it.

If you’re on a shoestring budget, there are many quiz scripts you can find for free at places like including calculators. You can also scope out private label software to brand.

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