Using More Than One Assistant Has Its Benefits

from Alice Seba 

As many of you know, using a virtual assistant (VA), or any other contractor in your business can be a great thing. If you haven??t heard me sing the praises of hiring help in your business??where have you been? ;-) Today let??s talk about contracting work out to more than just one assistant and the benefits doing so can provide.

1. Saves training time.
One of the biggest reasons to outsource is to save time, right? If you hire one contractor in hopes that they can do everything you need, you??ll spend a lot more time training them if they??ve never performed certain tasks.

For instance, if you hire a ghostwriter to write articles and then ask them to update your website and they have no experience with website work, the time it takes you to show them how can easily add up.

2. Certain VAs specialize in specific areas and are not willing to venture from those.
This is a good thing because you know you are getting the best possible service from these types of contractors. Whether it??s graphic design, programming, or ghostwriting, when a service provider spends their time doing one or two specific tasks, you can feel more confident in the work they turn in because it??s something they know the ins and outs of.

3. Utilizing the services of various contractors saves money.
By outsourcing image creation to a designer and then getting a VA to do simple updates, you can save a lot of money. Whereas a designer may charge you a good chunk of change for site updates, a VA is more likely to do this administrative work for a more affordable rate.

There are many assistants out there who are good at more than one thing, but there is never someone who can literally do it all. If you need some more tips on hiring a highly-efficient team, sign up for my free outsourcing tips here.

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