What Is Happening To America's Economy?

from Rhea Perry 

In all my life, I’ve experienced times when things seemed a little out of balance. But in the past few months, the whole world seems to be out of balance and not coming naturally back into place.

And even though our new administration has passed a stimulus package to create new jobs and encourage spending, it is only a quick fix that will prove to be a financial noose around our children’s necks.

Here’s what it seems to me.

In the Industrial Revolution, having a good job was enough. You didn’t become financially free but you made a good living.

That worked for then. But now that times have changed in this Information Age, working for someone else may not be the answer.

Economists have predicted that the bottom will fall out of our economy around the year 2010. That means by then, families need to have a stable home business that operates on passive income or one they can sell.

So no matter where you are now, you’d better start planning for the future. If you think you have no money now, what till the economic tide ebbs after this coming stimulus package goes into effect.

One result of printing money and dumping it into the economy is inflation. The more money you print and dump, the higher regular prices on standard goods and services will go.

That’s not a theory, it’s an economic fact.

Printing new money = Inflation
So here’s the most important question:

What are you going to do about it?
Want my suggestion?

Here it is anyway.

Whether you have a job or not, somebody in your house needs to start a home business.

You can’t afford to wait till “later.”

Yes, times will get bad. They are going to get worse than they are now.

Waiting till “later” will mean the cost of the education you will have to get will cost even more than it does now.

Waiting till “later” will mean that your competitors will have the jump on you.

Waiting till “later” will mean you will miss many opportunities to get started while a new industry or business concept is still in its infancy… and either free or cheap.

Waiting till “later” means you are a procrastinator and procrastinators don’t change the world. They are also soon going to be very sorry they waited till later.
Just Make It Happen
Somebody in your house … meaning it may not be you but there is somebody in the house who can do this…

Needs… really has no choice…

to start… that means you may need to get help figuring out what you guys are good at and what you want to be when you grow up…

a home business… that means you operate a business serving others and making money out of your home.

It’s not that hard, now that the computer age has brought the world to your fingertips for free.

All you have to do is this:

1. Get vision from men of understanding about what you can and want to do to serve others and become financially free
2. Get the specific education you will need to do that
3. Take action

That means, you can’t wait until “later”!

Those who wait are going to find themselves looking for any place they can find to rent, instead of building a wonderful home where they choose to live.

It takes time to learn how to build a successful home business. There many many things that must happen for you to become successful.

You may have heard about Internet marketers who made a million dollars in a day or an hour. I know those guys. I’ve had dinner with those guys. I’ve been to one of their homes.

They didn’t start there. They grew to that level of success and it took years.

So if you are concerned about this economic crisis we are in and that is not going to get better any time soon, take action now. This is the time to focus on your family and figure out what you can do to survive the coming economic recession.

If your goal truly is to become financially free, the time to start is now.

My team and I are dedicated to helping families like yours get that vision and specific education. We can also help you take action. So when we inform you of classes and events, don’t be so quick to delete our posts.

Read the information we send, consider the classes we offer, attend the live events we host, and let my team of “older men and women” help you create the home business that will give your family the stability you need in these unstable economic times.

We’ve been where you are but we aren’t there any more. We’ve learned how to use the Internet to make money from home while also living a great life. And we can help you learn how too.

So many books, so little time…


who hopes you start your own home business soon


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