What kind of seller are you?

from Jenni Hunt 

I’ve been thinking about the many different aspects of eBay and how there are so many levels to participate on. It is interesting to me how eBay has provided such an opportunity for so many who want to work from home – and as I was thinking about this, I noticed that sellers really fall into three different categories:

Hobby sellers - those who sell here and there… they might be interested in making a profit; however, they don’t really depend on an income from anything they sell on eBay. They use it to get rid of their children’s outgrown clothes or things they don’t need anymore.

Business sellers - these sellers have built a business selling on eBay. They have a system in place and they use it to bring in the income they depend on.

Marketing sellers – These sellers use eBay as a marketing tool to grow their (other) business(es). They list occasionally – but, the purpose is to harness eBay traffic to drive it to their business sites. The idea really isn’t too far from how people use google to drive traffic.

What do you think? What kind of seller are you? What kind of seller would you like to be?

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