What's A Good Image Editor?

from Lynette Chandler 

Paint.netEven though I outsource most of my graphics work, I often keep an image editor at hand to quickly whip out stuff like signature graphic. A picture of myself for a web site or sometimes I just want to change the color of an image and don’t want to wait around for the designer.

Problem with many image editors is the price! I’m not saying I won’t pay for a good software program. People deserve to be paid for their work. But I’m not a professional designer. So, I’d rather save my cash for something that is really needed to perform my work.

Until now, I’ve always recommended Gimp which is a fantastic image editor. Unfortunately, Gimp can be huge and confusing. It’s often overkill for my simple needs. Recently someone brought Paint.NET to my attention. Verdict? I love it!

PicnikPaint.NET is much lighter, very easy to use. The interface is not cluttered with stuff that’s plain confusing. As with any software especially image editors, if you’ve never used one before you’ll need to spend a little bit of time with it. But if you’re familiar with image editors you should pick it up right away. Oh and best of all, Paint.NET is open source
software so you don’t have to whip out your wallet. Just head on over to GetPaint.net and grab a copy.

If you prefer an online based editor, give Picnik a try. It is very cool and certainly super useful for those times when you’re on the road or using a friends’ computer. You can create an account for free and pretty much use most of the features for free. If you want to upgrade to get extra features, it’s $24.95 a year. The thing I really like about Picnik is the fact you can grab pictures you’ve already uploaded to other websites like Flickr, PhotoBucket,
Picasa or Facebook. Once you’re done editing, you can save it back into those places. No downloading and uploading.

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