What's All This About External Hard Drives?

from Lynette Chandler 

Hi y’all, I’m back this week with a brand new question from Kit. She asks,

Could you tell me about the pros and cons of using external hard drives? So many work at home moms I’ve talked to lately are purchasing them. Are there any tips or tricks we need to know about?

There are probably more pros to external hard drives than cons. 99% of the time, people get external drives for backup purposes or to carry copious amounts of data between two locations on a regular basis. Since we are talking in the WAHM community here, I expect it’s not the latter.

Think of them this way. You know how we used to carry around the 5″ floppies, then it was the 3.5″ floppies then it was CD’s and USB sticks? Well, an external drive really just acts/works the same way. Only, you get this huge amount of storage space.

This is what makes the external drive an excellent place to store backups or files you don’t use every day and want to archive. By moving them to an external drive, you free up your computer’s main hard drive.

Because external drives are mobile – just unplug them and go – that also means you can access your data anywhere e.g. a presentation at your clients’ office. There are smaller 2.5″ drives that can fit in your pocket. Very sleek and nice.


  • Don’t buy anything smaller than your existing hard drive size.
  • Keep and work on those active files in your existing hard drive. You can work directly off an external drive but transferring/saving files can get slow.
  • Unlike USB flash drives, external drives can be delicate. You really don’t want to drop it or handle it too much.
  • Like your computer hard, they can fail. So if you store your backups in them, don’t just rely on that alone. You should always store your backups in as many different places as possible. E.g. one copy in the external hard drive and another one online or a 2nd external hard drive.

Thanks for asking, hope that answers some questions. Do you have a question? Don’t be shy, send them in.

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