What's Filling Up Your Web Hosting Space?

from Lynette Chandler 

Many web site owners don’t make it a habit to check their disk space. Hey, I don’t do it on every single web site I have either. Maybe because disk space is so abundant and frankly, cheap these days. But if you do max out your web space, your site could be crippled especially if you have blogs with comments and forums where people enter data and gets saved to your site.

You normally don’t have to worry too much about that happening because most web hosts will send you a warning email when your site capacity reaches a certain level like 80% or more.

Some of us have big sites and that’s OK but if you don’t have a very active site, you don’t host a lot of multimedia files, where could all that web space go to?

Here are some other scenarios.

Forgotten mailbox. Your site is a mini site or opt-in page, you did set up email at one time but never checked it. Somehow or another this email address gets on a spammer’s list, or you have set up the email somewhere but simply forgot all about it.

Default mailbox. Most if not all web hosting accounts come with a default address. Some web hosts have this default address active and ready to receive emails. If your host does this and you don’t check it, sooner or later this address will fill up with emails because the default address is a ‘catch all’ address. It receives all emails that do not have a real user. For example, you set up yourname@domain.com but someone (usually spammers) send an email to admin@domain.com the default address catches and stores this. Before long, this inbox eats into your web hosting space. To ‘turn it off’, set the default address to fail or bounce. I prefer fail. If you don’t know how to do this, check with your web host.

Databases. Have a forum or blog that you rarely use or check in on? Spam comments filling it up? Well, deleting spam comments and spam posts reduces your web space too. Database counts as part of your web hosting space.

Backups. Check to see if you have any automatic backup scripts running that saves the backups to your web space. Download the backups to your computer and delete them so they don’t fill up your hosting. Also, if you ever do a backup through Cpanel, download and delete them too. That normally fills space quickly because the backups are like a duplicate of your site.

Next time you wonder where all that space went, check these common culprits. Use the disk space viewer feature in cpanel or your web host control panel to find out where the biggest files and folders are.

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