What's Your Content Resolution for 2009?

from Annette 

I’d like to take a short hiatus from the repurposing your content series to talk very briefly about New Year’s Resolutions.  Perhaps you’re like me and you don’t make resolutions, then consider this a content plan for the upcoming year (and unlike those resolutions, stick to it)

So what do you want to include in your content plan/resolution?

First determine what your goals are for the year.  Set the bar high, but not so high that it’s unattainable.

For example, what about a report a month?  Depending on your business, a report a month may be a valuable asset for your audience AND each report could generate 10-12 additional articles for article marketing and SEO purposes.

At the end of the year you would also have 12 reports which could be combined into one fantastic digital product to give away for free (think viral marketing here) or to sell for a profit.

What about tacking a quarterly interview onto your 2009 content resolution?

So now you have 12 reports and 4 interviews.  Each interview could be packaged as a product or freebie. It could also be transcribed and spun into articles for article marketing and SEO purposes.  A workbook or online course could be created from the transcription and you could bundle it with your 12 reports at the end of the year as a bonus.

The quarterly interview would generate at least 4 articles.  Combined with your monthly report and you’ll have approximately 12 articles a month – that’s a great goal.  Hire a great article spinner and those 12 articles could be spun into 24 or 36 monthly articles – all from one report each month and one interview each quarter.

Now, if you really set the bar high for yourself you could also add an original blog post a week to your 2009 content resolution.  (or you can simply pull one of those articles from your report and/or interview and use those for your posts)

Create A Plan To Follow Through and Accomplish Your Content Resolution

Once you’ve determined your goals for 2009 and how to achieve those goals with your content, then it’s time to create a plan.

Here are some questions to ask yourself.

  • What report topics would your audience benefit from?
  • What experts can you connect with to interview and what beneficial information can they offer your audience?
  • How many pages do you want your reports to be?  (10 pages is a good round number that is easy to achieve)
  • Are you going to create the reports, and subsequent articles, yourself or outsource the project?
  • Are you going to transcribe the interviews yourself or outsource the project?
  • How are you going to distribute the content created from your reports and interviews?

If you don’t choose the reports and interviews concept for your content strategy then what content works best to market your business?  Articles?  Blog posts?  Case Studies?  How will you structure your year to maximize your content?

For example, you could plan for 10 articles and 10 blog posts/month.  How will you create the content?  Will you outsource it or write it yourself?

Remember to set the bar high here. If you wrote 10 articles a month last year and had good results, then up the ante and write 15 a month – create a plan to get it done.  Don’t forget to use your content for maximum value – spin it, repackage, and repurpose it.  Content is still Queen online and off.  People are still searching for valuable nuggets of information – be the one who consistently provides it and you’ll have a loyal visitor, and customer, for life.

Happy New Year!

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