When You're All Out of Ideas

from Alice Seba 

Trying to figure out what to do next is one of the biggest challenges to online business owners. Sometimes it’s a matter of choosing from the many options available…but more often than not, it’s being unsure what to post to our blog, what product to create, what to send out to our newsletter list and so forth.

In fact, I’d venture to guess if you run out of ideas, it can be one of the most time-consuming (read: time-wasting) things you do. Because when we run out of ideas, we get distracted, we tend to wander. We read other blogs, forum jump, Twitter under the guise of working, start checking web stats and aimlessly wandering…without a real plan to solve our dilemma. If you’ve done this – you are NOT alone.

I’ve talked to a lot of moms who say their online business is so time-consuming and they aren’t sure how they can handle it all. But when I ask them to break down their day, they spend a lot of it doing the precise things I mentioned above. Break out of this habit and suddenly you’ll see you have more time than you previously realized.

Next time you run out of ideas, arm yourself with a plan instead:

  • Start by turning off the computer. Sure, the Internet can be a source of research, but when you’re completely drained, you’re in no condition to let yourself ride the wild waves of the world wide web.
  • Get a notebook and paper and start writing stuff down. Write it all down, no matter how silly or dumb it might seem. You’ll probably end up with more ideas than you know what to do with. But good news, you have them written down and you come back to the others later.
  • Give yourself another break and think about what you wrote down. Trust me, a break is more productive and rejuvenating than staring at a computer screen, clicking this way and that. Go watch a movie with the kids, take a walk, cook a gourmet meal – whatever you enjoy.
  • When you’re ready, start making your plan. Whether it’s a plan for your next product or you just have to get your newsletter together…you can do it much better with a clear head.

Of course, once you have ideas to start taking action on, you probably have to get back on the Internet – but this time you’re ready. You have a plan and you can start taking those steps you need to.

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