Where to Hire the Best Content Ghostwriters

from Annette 

One of the most frequently outsourced tasks is the content writing task. Website owners, even if they love writing about their niche topic, sometimes outsource article, press release, ebook, blog, and report writing to keep their content fresh. Outsourcing the content writing task also saves you time so you can focus on other profit generating tasks. And ghostwriters can also be hired simply to polish content you’ve already written.

That being said, hiring a ghostwriter can be a time consuming and often frustrating experience. Not to worry! There are good ghostwriters out there here’s how to find them:

#1 Ask other business owners who they use. Many business owners are introduced to their ghostwriters from a job posting site like elance. Some of them have wonderful experiences while others have horror stories like you can’t imagine or maybe you can.

Save yourself this experience by simply asking for recommendations from people you like and respect and who have great content.

#2 Ask on social networking sites geared to internet marketers. For example the message boards right here at Internet Based Moms is a great place to speak with other business owners to find who they use and the success, or challenges, they’ve had.

#3 Try a team approach. Businesses like AllCustomContent.com offer a myriad of content related services. For example, transcription, editing and proofing, and content creation. They also have a team of writers so they can find the best writer for your niche topic. This is a great option because not only are you assured you’re going to get the best writer for the job but you only have to deal with the project manager rather than a team of contractors.

#4 Finally, you can post your project on one of the outsourcing job sites. Common sites are:

  • AllFreelanceWork.com
  • Authorlink.Monster.com
  • FreelanceWriting.com
  • MediaBistro.com
  • ProBlogger.net – http://jobs.problogger.net/
  • Elance.com
  • Guru.com

Hiring a ghostwriter can be a liberating experience. It can help you take your business to the next level. Take your time, find a ghostwriter that’s right for you and your niche topic. Find someone who can work with you for the long haul. It pays to start small and test the working relationship before you ask your ghostwriter(s) to take on large projects. A few articles or blog posts is usually a good start to test the waters and make sure you and your ghostwriter are a winning team.

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