Why I work from home…

from mila 

Because we can go to the park during “office hours”

No boss to well… boss me around

I can go into the garden and smell the roses whenever I like

Office politics only involves who gets the comfy chair (me or the dog)

Gazing endlessly out of the window is considered creative not slacking off

For that funny look people always give me when I say I work from home

Because working in stripey socks versus heels is pretty cool

Because my kids think I’m just “mama” and that’s okay with me

For all the school trips, bake sales and school performances I have the privilage of attending

Because I can bake muffins, write a rocking sales letter AND still have time to smell the roses

Because I like confusing people with the terms “copywriting” and “internet business”

Because I can sing out loud and not get fired

Just a few reasons why I work from home… so why do YOU work from home?

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