Wolves In Sheeps' Clothing

from Lynette Chandler 

Just before April 1st, there was a lot of talk and news coverage about a computer worm called Conficker. If you’re using a PC you probably have heard warnings about it. Most of us are pretty savvy by now. We know we need a good antivirus and firewalls to keep our systems clean of such insidous software.

Before you download that free Antivirus, firewall or virus scanner, do you know if it is clean?

That’s right. Some antivirus, firewall programs and virus scanners are only pretending to be good for your computer but in reality they carry nasty worms, viruses and spyware themselves.


  • Don’t download and install protection programs that you or people you trust to know these things have never heard of.
  • If you know the program is legit and good, don’t download it from a site you’ve never heard of or looks suspicious. Get it straight from the company’s web site itself.
  • If it came in an email – stay clear of it.

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