Working at Home with Kids

from mila 

As work at home moms we all know how challenging it can be to work around the kids.  I’m constantly amazed at how homeschooling moms do it.  My youngest started school this month but he only goes half days until the end of October… I barely manage to get anything done in the 2.5 hours he’s at school.

Once he’s home, he wants to play and of course work is out of the question… afterschool the kids have activities and tons to do so again work is out of the questions.  I finally get to sit down in the late evenings once they’ve gone to bed and by that time my brain is kinda fried LOL :-)

I’m going to attempt waking up early once again as I used to and put in a couple hours of work before the kids get up… I’ll keep you posted!

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3 Responses to “Working at Home with Kids”
  1. Keri says:

    Hi Mila, I actually get up at 4 am and start my day. It works out really well for us. The only problem with it is there are a lot of times I find myself also staying up late to finish my work which in return I don’t get much sleep. But all in all I tend to be more productive getting up earlier.

  2. Mara B. says:

    Mila, this is such a great idea. I really like the opportunity to get to know people that are behind the scenes. I also like that you’ve asked them to post pictures. Sometimes it helps to see a face to go with a name.

    I look forward to getting to know you all a little bit better. :)

  3. I can so relate. My son is at therapy for 3 hours and I barely get anything done in that time.

    I have to remind myself that they’ll only be young once and I have the rest of my life to work.