Writing a product comparison review

from Annette 

In my last blog post I posed a simple structure for writing a book review.  Reviews, whether for books or products, are an excellent tool to pre-sell for affiliate income.

When writing a review it is always imperative to keep your readers in mind.  Answer the question they’re always thinking – What’s in it for me?

This question can be easily and subtly answered by writing a product comparison type review.  Presumably at least one of the products being compared is a product you’re affiliated with.  Product comparisons work well to pre-sell because they are an easy structure to read (and write) and when readers can compare benefits it’s easier to make a buying decision.

The structure

Like most every type of content an introductory paragraph is required.  Keep it short because your readers want to get to the good stuff.

The body of the review will be a comparison of at least two products but no more than five.  Comparing too many products and the content becomes jumbled and difficult for readers to remember.

Compare benefits not features.  Your readers don’t care that a candy bar has 30 calories, they care that it makes for an easy snack which won’t add to their wasteline.

Compare relevant benefits.  If you talk about the nutrition benefits of one candy bar be sure to talk about the nutrition benefits of the others.  One caveat to this is if one product offers different features than the other.  For example, you’re comparing word processing software and one offers spell check and the other does not.  To give reader’s ample information be sure to let them know that the software products offer different features.

Wrapping it all up…The final paragraph is a summary of your opinion and a conclusion.

The majority of internet users, myself included, use the internet to research products before making a purchase.  Offering reviews on your website not only helps people make a buying decision which results in affiliate profits for you, it also drives traffic to your business website.

Happy Writing!

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