Your Secret Successes

from Sarah Robinson 

Today I have a quick exercise for you.I developed it because I noticed many of my direct selling clients have a way of washing over many of their accomplishments. They are too busy either 1) beating themselves up for missing a goal they set or 2) concentrating on “the next thing” to give themselves credit for their own successes.

So, take out a piece of paper. Number 1-5. As fast as you can write down 5 things you’ve done well or accomplished in the past six months. Do not worry about whether they are “big enough” to write down or “worthy” enough to write down. Just write down 5 successes or accomplishments.

Now, look over your list. First I want to be the first to say “Well done!”. I’d like you to say “Well done” to yourself, too. And then I want you to take it one step further.

Call a trusted friend and say “I want to celebrate somethings I’ve done. I’m not looking for feedback other than a rousing “good for you”.

Now – your successes aren’t such a secret:)

The celebration you’ve staged on your own behalf will buoy you to achieve “the next thing” or re-double your efforts to achieve that goal you missed.

Give it a try – I’d love to hear your experience:)

Love & Success!

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