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About National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM) is dedicated to increasing awareness of breast cancer issues, especially the importance of early detection. It works through a nationwide education campaign aimed at the general public, state and federal governments, health care professionals, employers, and women of all ages and ethnic groups.

What Internet Based Moms is Doing

2003 marked Internet Based Mom's first annual Breast Cancer Awareness campaign. With the continued support of our members and friends, we are able to expand our reach and donate even more. We are a unique community of moms in business from around the world and we strive to bring quality information to moms and women everywhere.

We hope that you will read through the information provided here and participate in some of our efforts to spread the word and raise funds for breast cancer.

What You Can Do to Help

In order to spread the word about breast cancer awareness, we need your help. You can learn more about breast cancer, read stories from work at home moms who have been affected by breast cancer and find more resources for breast cancer information. You can also pick up graphics to tell others about the campaign.

Please join us in our fundraiser to help put an end to this disease.

All the links you need are below:

Be an NBCAM (National Breast Cancer Awareness) Program Leader in Your Community

We also encourage you to become a NBCAM Program Leader in your community. A NBCAM Program Leader is anyone who spreads the word about the importance of early detection for breast cancer, NBCAM programs can be found in clinics, medical centers, worksites, nonprofit community centers, shopping malls, places of worship, schools, private home and other places where people gather. Program Leaders who run NBCAM programs are community volunteers, health professionals and breast cancer survivors.

To find out how you can become a NBCAM Program Leader, To find out how you can become a NBCAM Program Leader, click here.

Selected information on this page has been reproduced, with permission, from NBCAM  (supported by an unrestricted educational grant from AstraZeneca Healthcare Foundation)





Breast Cancer Awareness Links

Breast Cancer Awareness Event

Facts about Breast Cancer

Inspirational Work at Home Moms

Breast Cancer Fundraiser

Breast Cancer Links

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Fundraiser Update

  • With your help, we have collected $2,459.27 US to donate to breast cancer charities since 2005. We hope with the help of our wonderful visitors, we can double this figure by this time next year!





Breast Cancer Awareness for Work at Home Moms & All Women

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