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NEW! Test Your Breast Cancer Awareness Level: The following brief survey may help you go up on the learning curve concerning important issues regarding breast cancer...Click here to read more

NEW!  Three Ways to Spread Breast Cancer Awareness: With October recognized as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month , many organizations involved in Breast Cancer research will need a helping hand to promote awareness campaigns...Click here to read more

Breast Cancer Risk Factors: To predict when and in whom breast cancer will strike, scientists must often think like detectives, looking for clues to signal which women may be more likely than others to develop the disease. These clues are called "risk factors"....Click here to read more

Breast Cancer Prevention: Improve Your Lifestyle: Common to all women are daily lifestyle decisions that may affect breast cancer risk. These day-to-day choices involve factors such as poor diet, insufficient physical activity, alcohol use and smoking. Besides possibly reducing breast cancer risk, lifestyle improvement represent smart steps for a healthier life, since they can help prevent heart disease, diabetes and many other chronic, life-threatening conditions...Click here to read more

Reminders to Do Your Breast Self Examinations: There is something each one of us can do to fight against breast cancer, and it doesn't cost, but a few minutes of your time: Monthly Breast Self-Exams (BSE). Are you taking the time for BSE? Do you forget? We came up with a way to make this part of your life...Click here to read more

Breast Cancer Early Detection: When breast cancer is detected early and treated promptly, suffering and ultimately the loss of life can be significantly reduced. Women are encouraged to ask their doctors and other health care providers about mammography screening. Mammography (and x-ray picture of the breast) is the single most effective method to detect breast changes that may be cancer, long before physical symptoms can be seen or felt. For early stage breast cancer, there are more treatment options, treatment can be less disfiguring and less toxic and survival is improved...Click here to read more

Breast Cancer Treatment Facts: When breast cancer is detected at an early stage of development, a number of effective treatment options are available. A woman and her physician will choose the treatment that is right for her, based on the location and extent of the cancer, her age and preferences, and the risks and benefits of each treatment. The basic treatment choices for breast cancer are surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and hormonal therapy...Click here to read more

Gifts for Breast Cancer Survivors: If you have loved ones or friends that have survived breast cancer, itís time for celebration. Your friend or loved one has been through a very stressful time and lots of procedures...Click here to read more.

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