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Inspirational Work at Home Mom: Gayle Geisenheimer

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Name: Gayle Geisenheimer
Location: Middleton, New York U.S.A
Business: Instantly Cheaper

At the age of 41, what was first thought to be a cyst turned out to be Stage II Breast Cancer.

Losing my left breast and undergoing chemo was difficult. Cancer was most certainly a dragon; and I became a dragon slayer determined to live to see my young daughters grow up. Twelve years later, with the help and support of my husband, family and friends, Iím cancer free.

Our youngest daughter is a junior in college now and our oldest became a college grad in May. I donít have any special words of inspiration but each woman can find the inner strength to survive. Grab your trusty sword and slay the cancer dragon!

P.S. Humor always helps too. Hereís a funny story. While I was undergoing treatments I wore a wig because most of my hair had fallen out. One afternoon just before I raced to the bus stop, I reached inside the oven to pull out a pan of brownies I baked for the children. I was out the door in a flash, not realizing the effect the heat of the oven had on my hair do.

Perhaps not wanting to hurt my feelings, none of the moms at the bus stop mentioned a word. Scampering off the bus, my daughters immediately pointed to my wig. "Mommy, What happened?" they giggled. It wasnít until we walked home and I stood before a mirror that I understood what was so funny. The synthetic hair in my wig frizzed wildly in some spots and completely melted in other areas. Talk about Bad Hair Days! This too, I survived.

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