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Inspirational Work at Home Mom: Laurie Cannon

Name: Laurie Cannon
Location: Tenafly, New Jersey, USA
Business: It's A Fichu

A survivor of 9 years now with continued faith, support of God and my family, I will help anyone to believe that we are a unique family with courage, determination, faith and humility. Never give up and keep busy and support the Breast Cancer Foundation... I have made and given "pink fichus" to many foundations and my support group.

I was employed when I was diagnosed with breast cancer and received chemo and radiation. It was a frightening and difficult time but my employer was considerate and I worked while receiving treatment. Not easy but in a way, it helped me cope. I joined a marvelous group with exercises and emotional therapy and we bonded. We were, indeed, a family.

The usual tiredness and anxiety were always present. I continued to serve as a Visitation Deacon at my church with much support there. My sons were very supportive, having been concerned about their mom since I was a single mom for many, many years.

Unfortunately, while working I was hit as a pedestrian while crossing the street and of course, I had a setback, but somehow overcame that hurdle with support, love and faith. I could not maintain my full-time job and was kind of forced out. I decided to work at home selling advertising space for a publication, still continuing with my support group and treatment, and I started to knit.

Having had the passion for years – I had been knitting since I was 8 years old - and despite my physical difficulties, I started making pink scarves using very large needles. I used pretty threads and pink ribbon. I wore one at a support group meeting and it was so well received that I continued to order more thread and make more for my group. I gave them as a "gift- pick-me up" for everyone. I also participated in breast cancer fundraisers with the fichus and my paintings.

My physicians told me that I could not continue and I should apply for disability...I was a working woman and was devastated. I was placed on social security disability. I cried when the judge told me I should have applied earlier since I was trained as a medical assistant and could not work at my profession because of two car accidents.

I continued to work at advertising, going to therapy and my support group.

My son was teaching at a community college, web design and It's a Fichu was born...I looked up in the thesaurus for a catchy word and kept knitting, knitting and knitting fichus... submitting to juried craft shows and participating and selling... It was unbelievable... Never will be out of the red, but it was a new venue for me.

I sent fichus to Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and money they made was all for them. Many of my friends were telling me that I should branch out so I went to the boutique shop at the University where I received chemo and radiation. The woman at the breast center boutique loved them, but explained they could only carry name brand items because of hospital regulations…manufacturing procedure...Some may be allergic to ribbon, yarn, threads.

After making over 70 fichus, my son designed my website and there I was. I have my sister, church lady, nurse, and friends as models. I have not made money yet but that is not important... It is my passion and love every moment... I am working with physical therapist and despite the fact she tells me "I am their worst nightmare" I explain that my body and mind cannot work together, I must not get depressed, and I am in God's hands.


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