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A Family Story - Michele Murray

Michele Murray
Location: Newport News, Virginia USA

I was 24 when my Mother called to tell me they had found a lump. It was a week before my 25th birthday. The test came back to reveal a malignancy and she was scheduled for a mastectomy on February birthday.

On that day the doctors removed a 10 cm lump from my mothers right breast, in addition to tissue and lymph nodes. Yes that's right, 10 cm.

For the next 15 months my Mother fought chemo, radiation and a non healing mastectomy wound. I lost her 15 months after her surgery...she was 46 years old.

Her only request of me was to pass the word on about early detection. My Mother never saw my wedding. My Mother never met her 3 grandchildren. My Mother isn't there when I need her now...all because of this horrible disease.

Please, check yourself monthly, speak to your doctor about risk factors and get your mammograms. Let's fight this terrible disease with all we have. Let's not let it take another grandmother or mother away from their children.

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