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 WAHM > Work at Home Mom Business Success Stories > Kristie T. of Branding on the Net

Kristie T. of Branding on the Net -  Internet Based Mom

Interview by Annette Elton, Staff Writer for

“Enjoy your life, have fun, make money,” says business owner and WAHM, Kristie Tamsevicius.  “That's the secret to work at home success.”  Those are words to live by.

Kristie hasn’t always been a WAHM.  Her business was motivated by the premature, and risky, birth of her son. 


“It was a very scary time.  It gave me a lot of time to think about the life I was living and what really mattered.  Thanks to the help of an amazing team of high-risk doctors, my son was born at 35 weeks (instead of 25) and was a healthy 5 lb baby. 

After that, I quit my job in corporate marketing and started my own business at home creating custom greeting cards and doing desktop publishing.”

That was in 1997. 

Today Kristie’s business has boomed to a whopping five home based businesses. 

Webmomz is a work at home portal that provides business ideas, marketing information, and support for mom entrepreneurs.

Branding on the Net is a web design and branding business that turns regular people into nationally known superstars by giving them a celebrity image and a website that sells.








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Kristie also owns and operates Kristie T, her information marketing business that helps people turn their passion into profits online through programs, workshops, and information products and Speaker Success Online, which is a portal for authors and speakers that provides information on how to improve your platform skills, run a more effective speaking business, and market your speaking business more effectively.

Kristie is also a top leader with Send Out Cards, a greeting card company that turns regular customers into raving fans with a keep-in-touch system that let's people share appreciation, gratitude, and love so they become lifetime, loyal customers.

For Kristie, her business grew thanks in large part to supportive friends and family and of course some fantastic skills.  “I had taught myself how to do web design to create a genealogy website for my family.  And my sister in law asked me if I could design a website for the restaurant she was working for.  I said that I'd give it a try. 

The restaurant loved the website I created for them.  They told everyone they knew.  And the next thing I knew I was in the web design business with lots of customers knocking on my door.  It really hasn't slowed down since.”

Kristie didn’t sit back and ride the wave of success.  She wrote a book.  “The book sparked off a lot of publicity.  Next thing I knew I got a 7 page article in the local newspaper talking about how I worked from home in my web design business.  Moms from all around the area starting writing me letters asking how I was able to work from home.” 

Kristie jumped on the opportunity to help other women and business owners.  She used the knowledge she’d gained as a WAHM to write, I Love My Life: A Mom's Guide to Working from Home.  “In addition to the book, I wanted to create a place where moms could connect, get information, and support each other in making their work at home dreams come true. So in 2002, my friend Michelle Floyd and I formed Webmomz.” 

Kristie’s secret to success also includes a long list of supporters.  “We all stand taller when we stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before us.  I am so thankful for the mentors who have lit the way.  Dr. Philip Humbert has been my personal business coach who from day one provided the support, structure, and accountability that helped me grow as a business person.” 

She also gives thanks to Rich Fettke her success coach, Burt Dubin, her speaking coach and of course her husband Joe.  “He has been the backbone of our family that made all my success possible.  When work got crazy, he kept the family going.  He was the glue and stability that made my dreams possible.  I couldn't have done it without him.”

Maintaining balance between work and family can be a significant struggle for WAHMs.  Kristie recommends other WAHMs set boundaries and make the effort to communicate your boundaries to your clients and family.  “Having set work hours helps you know when to stop working and let's your kids and spouse know when you are there to enjoy family time.”

Kristie also recommends WAHMs take time for themselves and their husbands or partners.  “Businesses can be very demanding.  And it's very easy to get wrapped up in all the deadlines and to do's and forget WHY you are doing this business anyway - to make a better life for your family. 

My husband and I have coffee together and talk at lunchtime.  We also take an hour in the evening to get away from the TV and kids and just hang out.  And about once a month we try to go on a date night.  That helps us stay connected and keeps the romance alive.”

If you’re looking to start your own home based business, Kristie wants you to know that marketing is an essential part of any home based business.  “It's hard to make money when you are the world's best-kept secret.”  She recommends that women starting their own business should learn all that they can about marketing. 

“Knowing how to write a sales letter, create an effective web page, and write articles are extremely important skills.  Learning and mastering these skills will help you get ahead.”

Kristie’s second motto should be “If you have a dream, and you really believe in it.  You can make it happen.”  She’s proof positive that it can be done.  She recommends speaking to others, networking, and talking to other successful WAHMs  “Just find someone who is successful doing what you want to do and ask how they made it happen.  For every success, there is a formula.  See what you can learn so you can enjoy success sooner.” 

She also is a firm believer in building a support system around you so you have people to turn to when you need help.  “Having a coach, accountability partner, or mastermind group will give you people to turn to when you need answers.  The sooner you get support, the better.””

Working from home gives Kristie the freedom to design her life and career the way she sees fit.  “You create a business that supports the life you desire.  As a mom, it makes it easy to schedule your work around your family schedule.  As a woman, working from home lets you soar as high as your imagination allows you.  You set the limits.  It's very empowering to have the structure and freedom to live your dreams.”


> Visit Kristie online at and

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